Satisfy Potential Buyers Requirements With the Best Title Insurance Agency in Berks County

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April 6, 2017
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How a Title Insurance Agency in Berks County Can Satisfy Your Buyers’ Requirements

It comes as no surprise that with the intricacies involved with the transfer of a sale that savvy homebuyers are looking for extra ways to ensure what they’re buying is going to be theirs. Matched with the ever increasing amount of financial investment involved and you’ll find that more and more smart buyers are looking for that little bit extra to settle their minds, and satisfy their lender’s requirements. WIth the level of details involved in investigating this information, it can be difficult to provide this level of information yourself. Additionally, as these investigations are aimed at uncovering the minute legalities involved with title transfers, it can be hard to know what you’re looking for. For this purpose, Members Settlement Services, LLC – Title Insurance Agency has put together some information to shed some light on some of the problems that can be uncovered with a title search, and how you can protect yourself and future home buyers with a reputable title insurance agency in Berks County.

What Are Today’s Home Buyers Looking For?

As home prices grow and buyer awareness increases, more and more savvy home buyers are looking for additional means to not only secure their investment, the purchase of your home’s title, but ensure that ownership for generations to come. On top of the standard and also very important physical inspections of a property by both themselves and a register and qualifies property inspector, buyers are looking at a property’s title and it’s history of sale. When discussing the history of sale, it can be easy to think that buyers are simply interested in the previous owners history, however with the intricacies involved in the sale and transfer of a property’s transfer, the information sought goes much deeper, and with good reason.

Uncovering This Level of Information and Performing a Thorough Search

Finding the information to satisfy your potential buyers and their funds lenders requires more than just a quick internet search into the address of your property and is serious business with very serious financial ramifications if not completed correctly. Speak with an expert title insurance agency in Berks County such as Members Settlement Services, LLC – Title Insurance Agency on 610-482-4086. With extensive experience performing thorough title searches, Members Settlement Services, LLC – Title Insurance Agency can ensure you receive the result s your buyers are looking for – results that can assist in securing the best title insurance rates in Berks County.


If this is the first time you’ve seen the word lien then speaking with a reputable title insurance agency in Berks County is something that should top your list. Liens are official records of debts owed that is placed on a government register that is permanently linked to the title of a property. When this is placed, the register can raise legal and legitimate claim to the tile of your property for the purpose of recovering unpaid debts such as:

Tax Debts

Should a taxpayer fail to comply with their tax obligations resulting in a debt owed to a governmental taxation agency, a payment plan can be entered into. When this occurs, a lien is placed against the title of their home, potentially your home. Should the agreed payment fail to be continued, the taxation can legally and quickly obtain ownership of your home’s title and immediately place the property up for sale, with only the debt owed in mind when setting the price.

Mechanics Lien

To protect carpenters and tradesman providing services towards a home where the owners refuses to provide payment, a mechanics lien is again placed against the title. In the event that the account is not paid, the provider of the service can apply for the title of the property to be sold and all recoverable funds be immediately directed towards them, with the remaining funds, if any, diverted to the new owner, potentially yourself. With the above two liens on a property there is an immediate risk on the ownership of your property in which you have no control over. Especially should the transfer complete, the previous owner usually has little to no reason to comply with tier payment obligations as they will no longer be affected by its repossession and sale.

Finding a Reputable Title Insurance Agency in Berks County

Getting the level of information needed to satisfy new home owners and finding the best title insurance rates in Berks County doesn’t need a real estate degree, it just needs a phone call. Speak with Members Settlement Services, LLC – Title Insurance Agency on 610-482-4086 and ask about how you can take advantage of the best title insurance rates in Berks County.

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