Benefits of Title Insurance in Norristown

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April 6, 2017
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April 6, 2017
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Keep Your Home’s Title Protected

Your home is likely to be the biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime na d a great recognition of the hard work you completed to buy it. Now that you’ve found the perfect place and you’re just about to sign, take some time to ensure you take all steps to protect this exciting investment.  For savvy buyers who are looking forward to protect their homes and their investment, the right title insurance agency provides the perfect solution. With the extensive coverage they provide, it’s no surprise that more and more people are seeking title insurance in Norristown. If you are new to the home buying game and want to make sure you take the smart path to homeownership, Members Settlement Services, LLC – Title Insurance Agency has put together some Benefits of Title Insurance in Norristown to get you started.

Tax Issues

When it comes to tax affairs, federal tax agents aren’t likely to mess around, and want to ensure any monies owed are going to be repaid. In the event where a payment plan is established, it’s likely that as security the IRS placed an official record against the property’s title. In the event that the debtor ceased their agreement repayments, then in order to recover funds owed, the IRS will move to immediately foreclose the property, leaving you without a home and only with whatever funds are remaining from the sale. When instances like this occur, homeowners can turn to their title insurance agency in Norristown to provide compensation for any monies owed, ensuring the ownership of the home’s title remains clearly with yourself.

Expired Power of Attorney

While this may seem like an unlikely one, it’s one that is seen all too often. When a transfer of a title is completed using a power of attorney, the sale is only as valid as the power itself. If a power of attorney is later found to be have been invalid or expired, the the sale concerned can be considered invalid, and the transfer voided. The follow on effects of this can lead to your own sale and transfer being voided, resulting in your ownership of your home’s title being revoked. To protect against financial loss in these situations, title insurance agency in Norristown are able to assess and provide reimbursement for any monies deemed to be owed, resulting in your continued ownership of the property and its title. If you’re looking for ways to protect yourself and the title of your home from these and many other events, speak with Members Settlement Services, LLC – Title Insurance Agency on 610-482-4086 and ask about these and the many other benefits to obtaining title insurance in Norristown. Available only prior to the settlement of your property, title insurance in Norristown has the very real potential to provide peace of mind when it comes to your home’s title.

Mortgage Requirements

If you were looking to obtain a mortgage to buy your home, then it’s likely that your mortgage lender is going to want to protect their return on investment just as much as you do. For this reason, mortgage providers require their lenders to contact a title agency in Norristownto obtain title insurance in Norristown as part of the mortgage application process. This provides the broker with assurances that the title in questions is not likely to be objected to in the future, and that they are likely to recover their funds.

Fraudulent Documents

Unfortunately this is a frequent occurrence that comes up more times that you may think. With the complexity of a title transfer, it can be easy for a fraudulent document to be used without being noticed, until it’s too late. Of Course, once these documents are uncovered the knock on effect could lead to your title ownership being removed. In these instances, the parties involved are usually seeking monied that they were entitled to during the transfer of the title. For home buyers who arranged title insurance in Norristown prior, these concerns are addressed by their title agency in Norristown, providing financial reimbursement or coverage to protect your ownership of the title.

Find the Right Title Insurance Agency in Norristown

With the level of detail involved in the sale of a property, make sure that you’re doing all that you can to ensure all steps are taken and nothing is missed so that you aren’t placed in one of the situation above without protections. Speak with Members Settlement Services, LLC – Title Insurance Agency on 610-482-4086 and ask about how easy it is to arrange title insurance in Norristown.

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